EL-USB Data Logger Series is Lascar Electronic’s range of USB data loggers. Ranging from Temperature Data Loggers, Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers, to Voltage Data loggers.

The EL-USB Series of Data Loggers uses a free Easylog USB Software. The Easylog USB software is an intuitive Windows-based platform. It lets you set up your Lascar data logger with ease. This includes setting parameters, alarms, logging intervals, and choosing when to start the logger. Once logging is complete, the same software allows you to view data in graphical format with only a few clicks

DL Technology is the authorized dealer for Lascar Electronics products. We carry the Latest range and High-Quality Test Instruments. The EL-USB data logger series consists of EL-USB-1, EL-USB-2, EL-USB-3, EL-USB-4, EL-USB-5, EL-USB-CO, EL-USB-1-PRO, and many more.