EL-USB-CO300 Carbon Monoxide Data Logger


This standalone data logger measures and stores up to 32,510 Carbon Monoxide (CO) readings over a 0 to 300ppm measurement range and -10 to +40°C (14 to +104ºF) operating temperature range. The user can easily set up the logging rate and start time and download the stored data by plugging the data logger into a PC’s USB port and running the purpose-designed software under Windows. The data can then be graphed, printed, and exported to other applications. The data logger is supplied complete with a long-life lithium battery. Data is stored in non-volatile memory and is retained when the battery is empty. A bright red LED will flash and a buzzer can sound when a preset warning level has been exceeded.

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EL-USB-CO300 Carbon Monoxide Data Logger

This carbon monoxide data logger by Lascar Electronics measures and stores up to 32,510 Carbon Monoxide (CO) readings. It has a measurement range of over 0 to 300ppm. It also has an operating temperature of -10 to +40°C.

Data logger can also be easily set up. Users can view the recorded data by plugging the logger into a PC’s USB port. With the use of EasyLog USB Free software, data can be downloaded. The recorded data can then be graphed, printed, and exported to other applications for detailed analysis.

Each unit of data logger also comes with a ½ AA battery and a wall mount clip.

The EL-USB-CO comes equipped with a sensitive CO sensor. Hence, the sensor has a shelf life for effective usage. The sensor life is typically around 4 years. Users can find the exact expiry date in the EasyLog software under Current Status.

IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING. The EL-USB-CO is a professional instrument. The logger has been designed to measure and record levels of Carbon Monoxide (CO) in the air over a time period.

Here is a quick explanation of how the data logger works. It takes a sample reading at set intervals for recording, monitoring analysis. However, it is not a suitable substitute for a domestic or industrial Carbon Monoxide detector or alarm.

In conclusion, the EL-USB-CO would be a great addition to your instruments. This data logger would come in handy when carbon monoxide monitoring is required. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us! Or view Lascar Electronic’s EL-USB Data Logger series.

You are welcome to view the EL-USB-CO spec sheet, EasyLog USB Quick Start Guide, and EL-USB-CO Declaration of Conformity.


Measurement Range
0 to 300ppm CO
±5ppm CO
Logging Rate
User selectable between 10 seconds and 5 mins
Battery Life
3 Months


The EL-USB-CO300 carbon monoxide data logger is suitable for a wide variety of applications. These include monitoring of Outside Environmental Data and Agriculture and Horticulture.

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